WIL Talk #45 Tanya Geisler, Mentor to Leaders, Disruptors and Legacy Makers | Expert on Imposter Complex | TEDx Speaker

How often have you struggled with Imposter Complex throughout your life? Imposter Complex is very real and at some point in our lives most of us have experienced Imposter Complex (IC). IC is loosely defined as doubting your abilities and feeling like a fraud. It affects all of us from time to time, but can disproportionately affect high-achieving people, who find it difficult to accept their accomplishments. We spoke with Tanya Geisler, TEDx Women Speaker, writer, and leadership coach who has made it her life’s mission to support leaders in combatting imposter complex and to lead with ICONIC impact. In our discussion, Tanya shares the 12 lies of IC and how to embrace those lies, she also shares her own personal experiences with combatting IC and tips to support you in recognizing how to reframe into something that is more supportive. Her enthusiasm and passion is contagious while keeping you on the edge of your seat.

Once you’ve listened to the podcast, visit www.tanyageisler.com to take the quiz and find out what your iconic identity might be. We would love to hear how you might experience imposter complex or if you have any questions, message us at info@wilempowered.com or join us on IG @wilempowered or on LinkedIn at Women in Leadership Empowered.

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