WIL Talk #43 Dr. Robyn McKay, Award-Winning Psychologist & Author | Peak-Performance Executive Coach | Keynote Speaker | Burnout Recovery Expert | ADHD Rx for High Ability Women in Tech, Healthcare, & Entrepreneurship | Podcast Host | Dog Mom

How many of you put that extra pressure on yourself to do it all? And then one day, you wake up and realize how burned out you are, decide to downsize or leave your careers, etc. Join us in our conversation with Dr. Robyn McKay, who is an award-winning psychologist, a leading expert in spiritual psychology, author, and “Whole Brain” coach. She co-authored the newest version of “ Smart Girls in the 21st Century”. Dr. Robyn shares with us why taking a pause is so important before downsizing your career and getting in touch with your emotional intelligence before making those life-changing decisions, how to tap into being, and embodying your personal leadership. She has spent countless hours researching and connecting reason with intuition, science and spirit, and the head and heart. If you are ready to make some changes, then this is an episode you do not want to miss.

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