Purposeful Conversations

8-Week Program

Program Overview

8 weeks of virtual interactive learning, excluding orientation

4-8 hours per week of online interaction and self guided study

Receive one on one coaching from one of our Certified Professional Coaches

Requires self discipline and independent study

Learn alongside like-minded individuals

Build your network and connections while you learn and grow as a person

Individuals will walk away with:

How to turn difficult conversations into opportunities

Communicate more confidently

Speak with clarity and to the point so that you are heard the first time

Listen to understand and empower yourself and others

How to stop sabotaging your message by your body language

And so much more…

Practice sessions to deepen your learning

Program Outline

Orientation and Get to Know

Our first session will include orientation of what to expect, creating our rules of engagement, and connecting with other amazing individuals in the program. We will answer any questions you have regarding the format, self guided study, peer to peer support, one on one coaching, etc.

Module 1: Communicating with Confidence

Participants will learn how to be heard the first time you say something, to get to your point in a succinct manner while ensuring your message is very clear. You will also learn about poise and authenticity so that your message is reflective of who you are at the core. And you remove any ambiguity in your message.

Module 2: Listening to Understand while empowering others.

In this module, you will gain the insight of the different listening styles, how it shows up in you and those you interact with but also what the impact of your style has. Ever wonder why you walk away more confused or frustrated than when you started the conversation. We will work through how to advance conversations with others no matter the situation you are in.

Module 3: Getting Curious – The power of asking questions

This is one of my most favorite modules as this is where we learn the magic of getting curious. How to really enhance your communication skills by asking the right questions. There is a science to this, and practice is key. When you learn to ask powerful questions, you change the level of conversations no matter what situation you are in.

Module 4: Case studies and Live Q&A

Experience and learn the art of asking questions as you immerse yourself into case studies of real-world scenarios. You will practice and build your leadership muscles while purposefully expanding on your listening skills and deepening the level of conversations that you engage in. Does not matter who you are speaking to as you will gain the confidence and skills required

Module 5: How to take difficult conversations and turn them into opportunities. Part 1

In this module, you will learn to identify the emotions that stifle your voice especially when we think we must have a confrontation with someone. No one likes difficult discussions but what if I share with you there is a way to reframe those tough discussions into an opportunity not only for you but for the other person? We will learn to use words that shift us from fear to empowering.

Module 6: How to have difficult conversations and turn them into opportunities. Part 2

In part 2 of having difficult conversations, we will continue to learn how to navigate a difficult conversation, how to set the stage for the discussion and practice shifting from difficult conversations into opportunities. Understanding the intention and impact and working through the layers will enable you to make that shift into a more expansive discovery.

Module 7: How we sabotage our message with our body language.

Are you guilty of sabotaging your message by the nonverbal cues you send out to the world? Learn about the silent signals that reveal what is really going on, how to influence, and the advantages of being in alignment in all aspects of your communication. Plus, tips and techniques to practice enhancing your nonverbal skills.

Module 8: Case Studies and Live Q&A

Experience case studies that immerse you into real world examples of how to navigate those difficult conversations and turn them into opportunities. You will test the skills you have acquired over the 8 weeks to ensure that you have the confidence to communicate in a way that is authentic to you.

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Here's what women are saying about us.


Sara Thompson

This platform for women leaders is professional, helpful and a great community. It provides an excellent forum to learn, grow and share.  Thanks for launching this. It is also a delight to meet other women leaders in a virtual setting.

Stefania Villeneuve

Stefania Villeneuve

The group gave us a sense of community, exposure to other powerful woman, and allowed us to meet and network with other women.  I would definitely be part of this course again as I looked forward to it every month.

Daniela Malea

Daniela Malea

Your sessions were informative, engaging, eye opening, with applicable and clear structured content.  I got to know fabulous colleague ladies. Genuinely I can say that your program was one of the best I have attended.

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