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An exclusive offering of Women in Leadership Empowered is our monthly mastermind program known as our Master Class. It is a wonderful and constructive opportunity to invest in yourself both personally and professionally through a cohesive and unified pursuit of achievement and success. We open our exclusive membership to our Master Class only one time per year. This program is facilitated by two professionally certified coaches with extensive coaching experience and training in a number of specialty areas such as conversational intelligence, positive psychology, healthy boundaries and conscious business leadership.


We are looking for strong, committed women who want to move to the highest level of expertise and performance in their careers. Are you someone who:

has the desire and inspiration to make this year extraordinary

wants an instant and valuable support team

wants to reach or exceed your goals through accountability and real progress in your business and personal life

wants the increased confidence that you've made the right decisions and are taking the right actions to achieve your goals

wants to design things to be the way you want them to be, not as you've been told they "should" be

is ready to let your desire to be passionate about your life and work overcome your fear of change

is willing to commit to the change required to grow, and willing to commit to the mastermind group members

Then we want to hear from you!

What to Expect

Mastermind type groups (we call ours a Master Class) are increasingly popular to connect those of like minds and diverse backgrounds. The intent is to gather about 8 individuals together in a way that brings about enrichment, knowledge, support, and encouragement, in a safe environment where you can express yourself completely and openly without judgment. Your peers are there to guide and assist when you need to bounce ideas, stretch your thinking, or provide a different way of seeing things. You will also explore and learn together about key topics of interest.

Our Master Class enables you to further develop and share your professional lives on a regular basis with a small group of women of diverse expertise and experiences. The group will function as an “Advisory Board” for participants. The experience and learning is rich with opportunities and tends to broaden the horizons of the participants in ways you would have never expected. This can come from sharing advice, pushing to take that next step, starting a new business, or learning about new things that will broaden your perspective.

Professional goals women help each other with include:

navigating a male dominated C-suite

finding ways to collaborate

advancing to senior, C-suite, or board roles

transitioning out of your current role

exchanging best practices

functioning as mother, wife, executive, etc.

Equally important is the desire to help each other navigate personal goals such as:

learning from and supporting one another around issues such as striving for work/life balance

handling the toll extensive business travel or long work hours can have on children and families

grappling with personal issues such as health or relationship challenges

Here are 7 reasons why it might be right for you:

  1. You’ll be part of an exclusive group. The other members need you as much as you need them, so quality of experience and knowledge is crucial to all involved.
  2. Advisement. Once you are involved in our Master Class, that feeling of being all alone in your business is gone. You will use the members as your Advisory Board.
  3. Collaboration is key. You may find certain members of the group would be perfect to partner with on some key projects, or you may be the perfect member for someone else. The idea is to maximize the knowledge around you.
  4. Extend your network. By joining a group of ambitious and like-minded women.
  5. New learning. Each of us are unique and therefore bring a variety of skills, gifts, experience, and connections. By sharing your challenges, it’s almost certain that someone in the group will have a solution for you or you may be the one to assist with a solution, connection, or tactic for another member.
  6. Confidentiality. Knowing that all sessions are strictly confidential enables you to show up as who you really are and not have to worry about judgment, criticism, or anything else that doesn’t support you being the absolute best you can be.
  7. Think bigger. Being in our Master Class will truly support you having a Master Mind!! You cannot help but think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when surrounded by amazing people doing amazing things.

Our Master Classes are incredible and provide an opportunity for you to grow in ways you never thought possible.

Reasons to participate in a Mastermind according to Forbes

Mastermind groups are relatively new to most people but are popping up all over the world so that we may learn and grow from each other. Napoleon Hill created the concept about 75 years ago with his book, “Think and Grow Rich”. A Mastermind group is designed to assist you in navigating through challenges using the collective intelligence of others.
A Mastermind works by having a small group of diverse individuals that meet on a monthly basis to tackle challenges and problems together. It is designed so that you may lean on each other, provide advice, share connections, and even do business with each other when appropriate. It is very much a peer to peer mentoring relationship, and you will most likely experience marked changes in yourself and your career. There will be a facilitator to ensure that all participants have floor time and the opportunity to maximize the time together.

Joining our Master Class

To join our Master Class  there are a set of criteria to complete. This is to ensure we have a diverse group of well-matched individuals so everyone can get the most from the sessions. It is important to have individuals with a range of professional backgrounds to create a non-competitive environment.

Criteria to complete:

Forward your resume to no later than August 15th.

Once the resume is received, we will send you a questionnaire to complete.

All participants will be contacted for an interview to ensure a nice mix of individuals per group.

Guiding values & terms of participation

  • Confidentiality of group discussions and shared information.
  • Commitment to attend the meetings.
  • Meetings to focus on agenda topics only.
  • Participation agreement to be signed by all participants – minimum 10-month commitment.
  • Participation in our Master Class  requires that participants miss no more than 2 officially scheduled meetings during the 10-month period.
  • All sessions will be conducted on a live Zoom call.
  • To ensure the richness of the program all participants must be live and on video as if we are in person.
  • The Master Class sessions begin in September and end in June annually..
  • Sessions will last for two hours and will be scheduled monthly.
  • Each meeting starts with a check-in from all members. The rest of the agenda is set in advance by the group and focused on business interest, needs, and challenges of individual members or topics of interest to the entire group. All participants will have the opportunity to present to the group. Each month one participant will present for that month, the next month a different participant will present, etc.

The key to success of a group depends on how willing you are to devote time to your own success and the success of others.

Congratulations on your new journey!

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