Group/Team Coaching

There are many reasons to utilize group/team coaching such as creating a more co-creative work/learning environment, support better relationships within the team, leveraging the knowledge and experience of your teammates, building trust, and the list goes on and on. Group coaching can be especially helpful when transforming, growing an organization or building a strong executive team. It also enables you to impact more people at one time for mutual success.


There are many benefits to group coaching: strengthening team dynamics, improve awareness, enhance decision making, improve leadership effectiveness and collaboration to name a few.
Organizations are in constant change; people mostly resist change and through group coaching can create an environment where the organization has a systemic awareness and understanding of how decisions are made and the impact that has on individuals and the total organization.


The aim is typically to effect change in individuals and/or groups, to overcome the resistance, to stretch skills and thinking, but to also encourage big picture thinking. There is tremendous value in hearing many perspectives and reaching a consensus with a team.


Clients come to us for support on:

Building Trust

3 C’s of Leadership

Strategy execution

Succession planning

Conversational Intelligence

And so much more

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