Emotional Intelligence

4-Week Program

Program Overview

4 - weeks of virtual interactive learning

2 hours per week of on-line interaction

1 ½ hours of Emotional Intelligence assessment and debrief

Receive one on one coaching from a Certified Professional Coach

Requires self discipline and independent study

Learn along side other business professionals

Networking and peer to peer mentoring

Participants walk away with:

Better understanding of their personal EI and what that reflects about them

Learn the 5 scales and 15 subscales of emotional intelligence and how to harmonize for best performance and abilities

Develop EI muscles that are sustainable in supporting your leadership journey

Become more self aware of your strengths, triggers, and limitations

Build strategies that have impact professionally and personally

Build relationships that encourage, support, and reinforce your best self

Practice sessions to deepen your learning

Program Outline

Orientation and Get to know

Our first session will include orientation of what to expect, create the rules of engagement, and connecting with other participants in the program. This is the time to answer any questions you may have regarding the format, assessment, etc.

Week One

Participants will be assessed and individually debriefed on their personal EI results.  During our virtual session we will take a deep dive into EI and the impact it has on your abilities in this world. You will learn about the 5 scales and 15 subscales of EI and why there is no right or wrong but how each subscale impacts another subscale.

Week Two

Participants will identify their strengths, triggers, and limitations with respect to EI. In this session, we will work collectively with balancing/harmonizing each of the subscales. Peer to peer work to break down and assess where there are opportunities for improvement in harmonizing the subscales. Empathy will be a focus in this week’s lesson as that is the #1 skill that all leaders must possess. Empathy is the foundation of building relationships and collaborative teams.

Week Three

Participants will practice building sustainable muscles to utilize in all aspects of their lives and how to make the most out of their personal results. They will demonstrate the skills and muscles that they have built for strong leadership capabilities and how to strengthen their overall happiness with respect to how that shows up in their EI.

Week Four

Wrap up and build strategies for long term impact of EI on the leadership journey. This final session will be structured to provide tools that the participants take with them for future to ensure they boost their empathy muscles, happiness, and overall, well being.

Benefits of the program:

Experience one on one coaching and support to boost personal EI skills

Build strong network with other professionals

Understand oneself and how your emotional intelligence can impact the world around you

Know your strengths, triggers, and limitations

Boost your happiness factor

Strengthen your empathy muscles

Practice sessions to deepen your learning

Join Women in Leadership Empowered and harness the power of networking, mentorship and conscious leadership development all at one time.


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Here's what women are saying about us.


Sara Thompson

This platform for women leaders is professional, helpful and a great community. It provides an excellent forum to learn, grow and share.  Thanks for launching this. It is also a delight to meet other women leaders in a virtual setting.

Stefania Villeneuve

Stefania Villeneuve

The group gave us a sense of community, exposure to other powerful woman, and allowed us to meet and network with other women.  I would definitely be part of this course again as I looked forward to it every month.

Daniela Malea

Daniela Malea

Your sessions were informative, engaging, eye opening, with applicable and clear structured content.  I got to know fabulous colleague ladies. Genuinely I can say that your program was one of the best I have attended.

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