Emotional Intelligence 2.0 Assessment

For decades scientist and other researchers have primarily focused on intelligence as a significant predictor of success, typically IQ tests.

In recent years, psychologist have begun to better understand that emotional intelligence is as important as other forms of intelligence and that it may be an even better predictor of success than general intelligence. Why? Because emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand and manage emotions. It has been proven to have a significant impact on mental and physical well being, but also to better equip individuals with negotiating skills, to making friends and influencing others, etc. all key attributes for leadership. Remember we use our emotional skills to navigate the everyday challenges of life and when we can manage feelings and handle stress that is critical to our success.

According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped to popularize emotional intelligence, there are 5 key elements to it:

  1. Self-awareness – Knowing how you feel, how your emotions and actions impact others. Having a clear picture of your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Self-regulation – Those who can regulate rarely verbally attack others, make rushed decisions, or compromise on values. It is all about staying in control.
  3. Motivation – Consistently work toward goals & have high standards for their work
  4. Empathy – Ability to put self in someone else’s shoes, listens attentively, responds to feelings and provides constructive feedback.
  5. Social skills – Good communicators, manage change and resolve conflicts easily. Able to set an example by walking their talk.

The better that you can manage these areas, the higher your emotional intelligence.

The EQi 2.0 assessment will break down the 5 scales and 15 subscales so that you have a clear picture of your own emotional intelligence.

Those 5 scales and 15 subscales include:

  1. Self Perception: Self regard, Self Actualization, Emotional Self Awareness
  2. Self Expression: Emotional Expression, Assertiveness, Independence
  3. Interpersonal: Interpersonal relationships, empathy, social responsibility
  4. Decision Making: Problem solving, Reality testing, Impulse Control
  5. Stress Management: Flexibility, Stress Tolerance, Optimism

After taking the EQi 2.0 assessment individuals will have a better understanding of their personal emotional intelligence and how that impacts performance and will have a better understanding of strengths, triggers, and limitations.

The assessment debrief is broken into 2 sessions of one and half hours each:

  1. to review each of your 5 personal scales and 15 subscales
  2. to create your strategy for success. You will explore how to harmonize and build on your strengths which will support your leadership and overall well being.

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Sara Thompson

This platform for women leaders is professional, helpful and a great community. It provides an excellent forum to learn, grow and share.  Thanks for launching this. It is also a delight to meet other women leaders in a virtual setting.

Stefania Villeneuve

Stefania Villeneuve

The group gave us a sense of community, exposure to other powerful woman, and allowed us to meet and network with other women.  I would definitely be part of this course again as I looked forward to it every month.

Daniela Malea

Daniela Malea

Your sessions were informative, engaging, eye opening, with applicable and clear structured content.  I got to know fabulous colleague ladies. Genuinely I can say that your program was one of the best I have attended.

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