Conscious Leadership

8-Week Program

Program Overview

8 weeks of virtual interactive learning, excluding orientation

4-8 hours per week of online interaction and self guided study

Energy Leadership Index Assessment + Debrief (one on one with CPC)

Receive one on one coaching from one of our Certified Professional Coaches

Requires self discipline and independent study

Learn alongside like-minded individuals

Individuals will walk away with:

Ability to make conscious choice and enhance the skills to lead authentically.

Learn about catabolic (stress/negative) and anabolic (uplifting/positive) energy

An understanding of how to create trust and build strategies for change to prepare for the future while maintaining relationships.

Identify blind spots, assumptions, interpretations to more effectively ensure conscious thought not knee-jerk reactions.

Build relationships that encourage, support, and reinforce you to be your best self.

Identify the gremlin within while you name it to tame it.

Case studies to practice and leverage the learning of the 8 week program.

Program Outline

Orientation and Get to know

Our first session will include orientation of what to expect, creating our rules of engagement, and connecting with other amazing individuals in the program. We will answer any questions you have regarding the format, self guided study, peer to peer support, one on one coaching, etc.

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

Ranked by Forbes as one of the Top 3 Assessments every executive or person should go through to have a better understanding of their own perceptions, beliefs whether conscious or not. Over the first few weeks of the program each individual will be invited to participate in a debrief of their individual results with one of our certified coaches.  The debrief requires 1.5 hours of uninterrupted time to review.

Module 1: 7 Levels of Energy Leadership

Learn what impact fear is having on our world today and the damage it is doing to create thoughts that are unconscious and automatically going to the negative, to “what’s wrong?” and putting us into high stress situations, impacting our mental health and creating a negative mindset. Whereas becoming conscious and more mindful leads to more positive thoughts, less stress, and produces more of a possibility mindset.

Module 2: Conscious Choice

Learn to leverage the 7 Levels of Energy Leadership using conscious choice as you navigate through life in many different situations such as work challenges, intimate relationships, kids, peers, friends, etc. These skills support you in understanding how to choose what will best serve you to maximize any given situation.  Quells the need for knee jerk reactions.

Module 3: Conscious Choice Case Studies

Learning and experiencing the significance of energy and it’s influence as a leader. You will dissect the best possible outcomes based on case studies presented, while refining your authentic leadership style.  Practise in groups with peers to better understand how you might show up.

Module 4: Building TRUST

Our focus will be on driving change while preparing for the future. What does TRUST mean? How to build it and maintain dynamic relationships whether at home, with peers, teams, clients, friends, etc. Building relationships during a pandemic and maintaining those connections.

Module 5: Identify blind spots, assumptions, and interpretations

Understand what your blind spots are and how to navigate them. Assumptions and Interpretations create unnecessary challenges when we do not pause long enough to see how we have climbed the ladder of conclusions and most times make assumptions that are not true to the given situation.  Reinforcing the need to make conscious decisions reflective of the  given situation.

Module 6: Intention Vs Impact

Understanding the impact to all involved when we climb the ladder of conclusion verses taking time to understand the intention of someone enables better communication and less hardship. This awakens the unconscious to conscious thought and allows one to stand in the shoes of the other person creating a more mutually beneficial relationship.

Module 7: Gremlin Work

The gremlin is the voice in our head that keeps us playing small, under the guise of safety. It’s also known as our inner critic or egoic personality. The gremlin whispers “what ifs” in our ears to dissuade us from taking risks. The gremlin’s main message is usually around “not enough.”  The gremlin says we’re not good/smart/experienced/pretty/confident/knowledgeable enough to do or accomplish something. Or the gremlin suggests we might not like the results of what we do. If we let our gremlin be our chief advisor, we step back from challenges, maintain the status quo and may become ruled by fear. In this module we teach you how to be conscious of the Gremlin and make it your friend.

Module 8: Case studies Intention vs Impact

Learn and experience case studies using the LOC (Ladder of Conclusion) and what happens when the intention and impact are different. How to test if you have communicated your message clearly and how to name your gremlin to tame it, plus how your gremlin shows up when you experience each of these situations.

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Here's what women are saying about us.


Sara Thompson

This platform for women leaders is professional, helpful and a great community. It provides an excellent forum to learn, grow and share.  Thanks for launching this. It is also a delight to meet other women leaders in a virtual setting.

Stefania Villeneuve

Stefania Villeneuve

The group gave us a sense of community, exposure to other powerful woman, and allowed us to meet and network with other women.  I would definitely be part of this course again as I looked forward to it every month.

Daniela Malea

Daniela Malea

Your sessions were informative, engaging, eye opening, with applicable and clear structured content.  I got to know fabulous colleague ladies. Genuinely I can say that your program was one of the best I have attended.

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