8-Week Program

How do your choices influence…pre-mature aging, sex drive, career advancement, relationships, etc.?

How are your choices influenced by the past and the future?

During the pandemic, mandates have become a way of life and with restrictions most of us have been conditioned to believe we have no choice.

Choiceology is focused on mastering the art of choice. I am, Vicki Bradley your facilitator, here to support you in remembering how to choose in a state of awareness.

During our time together you experience a variety of perspectives enabling you to make choices that impact all aspects of our life such as regret, happiness, fulfillment, aging, resignation, etc. As an example, let’s look at regret. How does choice impact regret? Where does regret come from? What is the counter to regret? When we choose to hold onto regrets, by living in the past, there is a tendency to manifest illness, pre-mature aging, sexual dysfunction, or dis-ease, which can turn into physical disease or stagnation. Then it becomes a mechanism to live a life unlived.

If you don’t know how to choose then you can’t decide! Navigating the process of decision making and examining how choice plays such a key role in the decision-making process is vital to choose in a state of awareness. Weekly we explore the choices available, by examining how you exercise the process to decide, ultimately enabling you to be more responsive verses reactive to what life presents. In addition, we identify what might be blocking you by showing the obstacles that get in your way through the case studies discussed each week.

Accountability is a key area for us to explore, knowing you are exactly where you’re meant to be, and your acceptance is the key to beginning the journey into making choices in awareness.

If you are ready to unleash the power of you – Choose Now!

Course Details

8-week in person course

3 hours per week group immersion sessions

Analyses of real-life case studies

4 individual, 60 minute, one on one coaching sessions via zoom

360 Perspective

Maximum 6 people per Choiceology co-hort

Practice sessions to deepen your learning


  • Ability to make choices in a state of awareness that enhance your ability to lead life authentically.
  • Identify blind spots, assumptions, expectations, interpretations to effectively translate into choices that reduce stress and gain more clarity.
  • Understand how choice influences communication/dialogue/conversations to reduce misunderstandings.
  • Build relationships that encourage, support, and reinforce you being your best self by exploring perspectives that take you out of your comfort space or typical patterns of choice.
  • Identify what might be blocking you by examining the obstacles getting in your way through weekly case studies.
  • Explore the decision points available through 360 perspectives.
  • Private Choiceology connection channel through telegram, to further explore the weekly patterns, themes, examples, through group interaction and perspective.
  • Examine the difference between choice and decision.
  • Zero preparation, no homework, all that is required is your full presence.

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Here's what women are saying about us.


Sara Thompson

This platform for women leaders is professional, helpful and a great community. It provides an excellent forum to learn, grow and share.  Thanks for launching this. It is also a delight to meet other women leaders in a virtual setting.

Stefania Villeneuve

Stefania Villeneuve

The group gave us a sense of community, exposure to other powerful woman, and allowed us to meet and network with other women.  I would definitely be part of this course again as I looked forward to it every month.

Daniela Malea

Daniela Malea

Your sessions were informative, engaging, eye opening, with applicable and clear structured content.  I got to know fabulous colleague ladies. Genuinely I can say that your program was one of the best I have attended.

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